So your paying off your student loan and living in an apartment with your roommate that you found off Craigslist. New season is coming up and of course you want to buy a few new digs for your wardrobe. Instant noodles and KD have been this past 3 months diet, and there is no way in hell shopping is in the budget. Thrift shopping has been the latest trend which I think is the only trend I agree with promoting. All the clothes/shoes that I have found are probably the most rad pieces I own not to mention, the compliments I have received are out of this world. The general question I get is “ Where did you get that from?”. Of course I try and keep it my little secret, but how can you not want to spread it. To some, for what ever reason it might be embarrassing, which when I was younger I thought it was so not cool. But realizing that you can save so much money and still look vibin’ I swear by it. Its called “ going vintage” for the ones that don’t want to admit. The amount of clothes you can get thrifting is sometimes the exact same amount for one t-shirt. Of course there are some pieces you want to buy brand new, I get it. But styling around it, is the best decision I have made. If you are in the Toronto District, I would highly recommend hitting up the Value Villages, especially the one on Queen. Some of the most wealthiest people I know thrift shop, so honey there is no need to feel insecure about it.




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