Alright, so you got your apple computer, some new ink, a travellers journal and now all you need is some shades to go with the flow. This all depends on your face shape. Sunnies or if you have prescription glasses, I believe should be a personal flavor. The good ol’ rounded frame is for someone that wants that vintage Charlie Chaplin look, this is of course for more of a casual day. Square frames I always recommend for a gentlemen in a business/office oriented place. A hint of color on the frames and small detail is easy to get around to match multiple suits. Looking for something than just the minimalist black? Go for a navy blue. Examine the color of your skin tone. For someone that is on the fair side, I would stick neutral tones. Eye color is also important, you want to make sure your eye color pops, as glasses can be quite distracting. At the end of all of this it comes down to what makes you feel confident. Hey, maybe even bring that cute girl at work for some extra advice. Gives you a chance for that eye to eye contact. Happy shopping.

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