fat2016_highlightsFAT – Fashion Art Toronto is a fashion week that is a platform for up coming performers of the arts and designers that are playful with creativity.

FAT had designers from all backgrounds. Including Marie Copps that brought the royalty uncover, SunSun that brought the street back in street wear ( men’s & women’s) and Lesley Hampton that brought a fierce light to the indigenous women.

It was a feeling like everyone respected in what was presented down the runway, as if the imagination was open wide to fill you with exceptional talent and our earth like minds went to space. Knowing whom attended didn’t purchase and RSVP to see material as it was, you could never predict what was going to happen so really no biography could match each season.

It was satisfying to the mind, and a liquid to a personal vision. Of course you can choose like a buffet to what show suits your taste buds best, there is no other way of describing it but you feeling it for yourself. The preparation for the models seemed as relaxed if time had a pause button, which brought the atmosphere with no clutter, I wouldn’t tell any of the designers that as they probably interpreted as hectic.

Now why would I call it an exclusive membership to another world? Because only the like-minded and understanding of eccentric could bond in such a way.


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