The apparel you have taking up space in your closet has become not so eye-popping and you feel they are not paying enough rent to be accommodated, just not great tenants if you ask me. Could the shirt hanging in the window of a divisional boutique looks like a better fit. Well, let’s hop on fashion tinder and find yourself locations for a match.

If you are a beatnik = the recreation but being a 21st-century hipster Ossington Ave is the place to plant your feet. Taking multiple strolls down it seems that there are a handful of menswear options. Not to mention there is incredible food joints that produce the best kinds of food in between of shopping your heart out. If you are vegan and think you will need to pack a lunch, I should send you a postcard saying your sadly mistaken because Bobbie Sue’s has awesome mac n cheese. The take out looks like a pizza box and who doesn’t love pizza, I mean hello.

Shops to feature in this area?

 Jonathan + Olivia have been rated one of the best by other publications and we couldn’t agree anymore jonathanandolivia.com/ . Crywolf is husky if you need a few items that are on the one of a kind side www.crywolfclothing.com/ . Don’t fret if you are prototypical kind of guy, Tiger of Sweden’s store is hard to miss and come on who doesn’t like fashion that makes the scene from Sweden tigerofsweden.com/ca .

Welcome to a whole new milky way. You may feel the moment you land that you have bought yourself a ticket to an over-seas destination. Kensington Market, that we have mentioned in the past has streets filled with bohemian material to fill your color aura. You can grab a coffee at the house of Fika or indulge at the Tibetan Kitchen & Café ( vegan options available). Leather jackets and guns in roses t-shirts light up the racks calling your name as a vintage devotee. Multiple fruit stands and nutritional / essential oil stores are made to be purchased to fill your healthy soul. If you are in need of a quick trim Crow’s Nest Barbershop is only a run across the street away.

If you lay your mind to rest living in the Broadview/Danforth area, grab a few tokens and hop on the street car to Queen Street East. With multiple independent shops and consignment you’re bound to have a handful of bags taking up all of your arm space. Value Village’s smaller location is planted on Queen Street East but the finds are unreal. Bonjour Brioche is filled with French cuisine to fill yourself of the temptation to book a flight to France. Sweet Jesus a block away from your street car stop to grab yourself a chill cone. ( Note: This location does not have non-dairy free options, if that is what you are looking for hit up their John Street location).

Not too far off from your standard commercial “ Eaton Centre” just a few blocks of a walk, you meet Queen Street West. The downhome of Much Music to where you can pick up your regular Starbucks across the street, most of your box stores are standing there waiting for you to take a browse. Not all general departments such as H&M are in pose, you can find a few sui generis emporiums. This is a must to go for a walk in the summer and still find some great treasures. Watch out for the side streets for your instagram. Some seriously extraordinaire backdrops to create shit cool hashtags. The possibility of you looking down at your ink and thinking, “ why not add to the collection” Adrenaline Tattoos is taking a session at 239 Queen St W. If you are from Vancouver visiting and happen to know the popular F as in Frank on Main Street you are missing the most important ingredient because they are vibin’ with the 6ix on 418 Queen St W.


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