8:00am it’s time to hit the shower.“ Ugh it’s Tuesday” you say to yourself. Maybe staying up to the eleventh-hour to watch The Bachelorette wasn’t such an ace choice. Jordan Rodgers eh?. After freshening up, you walk over to your closet where you meet your attire and duds face to face. All the shit you wear seems to be tight in the wrong places. You know if you wear your Nike sweatpants your boss would show you the door and you’re out of a job. “Why not mix pro/casual together” you think and call it “ a la mode”. We are way ahead of you my dude, let’s start the chatter.

tumblr_nz5sgcLhGa1rxnekho1_1280Take out your leather jacket and form-fitting dress pants. There is nothing ever so artic than putting these two pieces together. The reason being is that a leather jacket is known for its un groomed/ rough thrill and responsiveness. I like a classic black dress pant because you can act a little rebellious with the top underneath the jacket. A shirt that is just a tad longer than the bottom of your zipper on your pants will pull the unintentional affect off well. Nothing too oversize, though just extra movement on the shirt is certified champion. Feel free to keep the dress shoes. Moving onto the following day, grab your jumper and dress shirt. Without a doubt put your button down on before your jumper. Normally a classic crisp white would look best so its easier to match your jumper, hence the possibility of not having a huge collection. If you do have a grey colored “ throw on” I would recommend due to season. Yeah, its summer but you would have zero cool if the weather changed on you at night while out. Totally feel free to pick out your fav denim. No shade is preferred. If you are going to stick with your dress shoes than a darker “skinny” denim would look alarming, in a good way.

If you’re a man that just bluntly said “ hell no” with a smirk to the jumper, you really don’t need it bro. For an office that may want you to be put together, I would vouch for the jumper but if you run your own show than keep it at home for another day, you still look pro anyway. Add extra detail such as a watch if you’re feeling a little uncomfortable about just wearing a dress shirt and jeans. Keep the blazer far away from this next look. Simply hall out your dress pants and a clean dress shirt. Don’t give me that side eye, let me finish on how I am going to style this for you. Run over to your kitchen where your converse are. Now I am talkin’ high five? Lace those bad boys up. Since I know you’re a maverick brother I am going to need you to pick out the most f**kin whack socks you have. Remember when I said leave those flying donut socks at home? Nah it’s time to bring those out in full force. Hey, even grab those new aviator shades. Buddy do not even think about giving your flirty eyes to your tie, your messing with the bro code.

If you are really not interested in putting in much effort, sweaters are the easiest to downplay. I’m not saying your going to get the same vibe as you would if with the tips we gave you but I mean your pretty handsome dude already, I can tell.

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