With the vogue like industry circling the palm of his hands as planet earth, there is only one man that can gain civility and respect other than Paul Mason (known as the year-round Christmas Spirit Fashion Santa). When asked if the Fashion Santa “campaign” started at the right time in his life, opening up explaining having a close relationship with his mother passing away lead to him keeping the “social media famous” beard. In his exact words “ when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade”.

33 years of modeling and collecting wisdom Paul spoke on how he himself invested time mentoring other individuals as well a scout, lead to him later focusing purely on himself as a brand. Clarifying no one can replicate exactly your determination. As most know working in fashion can be competitive and tuff but what has kept Paul continuously showing up for fittings of each designer’s new collection season after season? Being vain and his tenacity. You wonder what goes through Paul’s mind working with these young men that are just grasping the industry, his advice? Be respectful, on time and overall being pleasant. “They are going to rebook/choose the nice guy with a good personality over than the guy that doesn’t”

Ok, Paul, taking a photo with you and quick small talk lasts under 5 minutes, is there anything you wish people knew about you? His answer was simply “Kindness”. We are the first to know that Paul will be featured in an upcoming indie short film. But want to know something even crazier? He’s nervous and explained he can actually be quite shy.

For a man that has seen it all, many individuals forget where they came from and turn a blind eye to those that are just starting up such as us, do you feel staying humble is the key to proper everlasting success? “Yes for sure, I go out of my way to make everyone feel comfortable, no matter what”.

Last question, besides creating a great social media profile, what is the most important thing an individual can do to stay relevant? “Hire a person that is great at social media” joked Mr. Mason. “ Stay open-minded as possible”

Not only is Paul Mason a role-model for upcoming men’s fashion flag barriers, but the minute exchanging thanks after closing the interview, all i could really leave thinking in that exact moment is “ wow he is everything everyone says he is and damn he is the “nicest person you will ever meet” I was honored to have the opportunity to interview Mr. Mason, he left an everlasting impression on me, and if you are lucky enough to meet him, too? a footprint of kindness will trail you as well.




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