Just writing that title alone can make anyone excited.

Friday, was an early start to the Alumni Lunch which if you would like full details on what happened + advice from Michael Clemon’s, you can check out our other article solely based on just that event alone. Catering was a solid 5 stars with a warm soup to start, following mixed steamed greens with a light sauce and seeds/grains sprinkled on top ( it tasted better than it may sound). Our sweet tooth was put on halt but by other media at the table, the dessert is for sure our type of bromance. Later checking out a few historical readings/display’s of gear from various CFL teams. Without a shadow of a doubt our stomach and eyes had hearts scattered everywhere around the Metro Convention Centre. We don’t like to brag, ( we are cool people, what can we say) but we had a few other places to be that day and decided to make Day 2 + 3 filled with loads of hype.

Saturday was meant for the Titan Street Festival. Checking out the portable “locker room” is where we got a chance to quickly meet Mike Rielly, the quarterback from the Edmonton Eskimos. If you are a BC Lions fan you might actively remember him playing for your home-team shortly from 2011-2012. He has collected 88 touchdowns, from that 28 this year. We then head back to the convention center where we were almost attempted jokingly to play a few games but was perturbed by how the 5-8 year olds were doing and decided not to. There we met Brian Williams, known for covering TSN, CBC, CTV and the Olympic games. Mercedes sat on the TSN panel for a photo op with a little shop talk, personal advice ( secret service type stuff) and pulls of encouragement.. Thanks Benz ( if you have read Kromm’s instagram you would get the joke).

Day 3 – Where the fan’s from all over Canada, gathered to one stadium representing your favorite player/team in the highest of standards under the gargantuan BMO field lights. Fan’s dedication to the Redblack’s and Stampeders were more than just smile worthy. The Budweiser fan zone was ticketed off to fan’s interested in a closed off social gathering with live music and well of ( we can’t say no to that).

Just as the clock hit 3:00pm the crimson and ebony men of Ottawa Redblacks, stepped foot on the charcoal pavement outside the BMO field making their way through the salute of support from R Nation. Quickly off topic from not being so deeply poetic, these dudes were dressed for affect. The apparel of the men could have possibly confidently walked them right in to the Grey Cup.

Game time was a teeth grinder as nostalgia filled the arena. With a wicked half time performance from One Republic ( they joined our conversation on twitter by live tweeting us) . Our sports snacks of choice were short-lived, nervously eating when the Stamps and RedBlacks went OT. Just as time was running out ( very quick may I add ) we rung in our new Grey Cup champs. To which we all could say we were saddened by the ending of such an incredible week to be apart of, meeting so many new faces and fans.

See you all possibly in Ottawa for the 105th Grey Cup

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