A warehouse where garment hangers, lies prints on the frosted track. Visions that come out of each creators milk carton. Bringing a little Berlin as Jeff Rustia the Executive Director & Founder of TOM* described it. The exposure globe-trotting us to DAY 3 ( Closing Night) where attendees filled their lungs as like consuming breakfast.

Opening the gates to the fashion galaxy was Kenneth Barlis, dipping into a color bomb of London. Barlis, suites are made for a man tripping with rose gold psychedelic glasses on, with a caution tape, beware of a standout. Pull over as Tristan Lucid strapped us in with guest fan favorite coats by the reaction. “Oh” how could anyone forget, Shelli Oh representing the gentlemen with a cup of fika on the upper east side in New York. Minimalist is not on the palette as the pieces talk the talk itself. Zane Barläs after dark, is the slogan, pouring rain of smooth jazz and mystery. Are we out of the woods and in the clear yet?

Before proceeding, please play American Woman by Lenny Kravitz so you can lucid dream with Hendrixroe. As badass as you can scream on the electric guitar, our blood turned thick slime of neon, taking a visual to possibly how Steven Tyler’s tour-loft could have looked. No need to scramble eggs, you can read all about the badass woman behind Hendrixroe here , If you think for a slight second we did not catch that bus beforehand, you need to expect more of the unexpected.

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Kenneth Barlis | Tristan Licud | Shelli OH | Zane BarlasHendrixroe

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