With the words “ Rad + Raw” on the back of our seat lead us planting our feet onto the runway as if we are a growing plant of Fashion & Art. The “theme” was Fashion Evolution, which the planets aligned perfectly having Fashion Revolution week following. As coincidently #WhoMadeMyClothes sounds, there is no doubt these artists put heart and pulled brains into the sketch book for these creations.

The best part about of FAT is the evolution of diversity it continues to nurture. All opinions on what fashion and art are not in the script, you are your own director to perceive. Outfits didn’t necessarily declare “wild” there was a beauty in all simplicity and an appreciation for those that created a personal scavenger hunt finding wicked pieces for their attire. Though, no doubt did anybody look the same. From a “cookie tray” of freckles to Bambi-like eyes, and hair didn’t have a sexist length or limit. It truly is not the typical fashion week or a “gallery” of art. No one looks at you weird, questions why you have so many tattoos or even why you have a passion for Barbie pink. It is not hipsterish, and beards are not mainstream, you don’t talk about how “he probably uses beard oil”, it’s not a topic of conversation, it’s just normality. The music was not heavy metal or Mozart as you think an eccentric week would be if you can believe it, most were getting down to Drake.

Really these artists would be considered fashion/art architects. Every detail was thought out and the choreography was in no rush for time.

Saturday “ UTOPIA” the last date of the festival, finds all named tagged “Monday-Friday” together grooving to the 90’s ambiance. If color bombs poof like cologne every time one bat their eyelashes, that would be the exact theme. It acts as a shield from what really is outside those doors, truly not wanting to push them open to face reality. The surprisingly amount of men attendees were staggering

Mister Miguel opened the night, confidently, with his minimalist casual navy-army outfit, hair forecasting with a long swoop cut. The spotlight did not need to be manually set, everyone’s cranium motioning to an infinity sign. As most collections were drawn to the female viewer, I found the menswear was kept quite safe for an eccentric fashion/art week, though still statement piece worthy. I did like the different construction/coloring to mix with the trendy shoe-runner ( photo 2) For more of a wow moment, the outfit could have used some sort of dramatic accessories or a fedora hat. The makeup to the hair was extremely well done ( photo 1) to fit the yellow tinted half dress and shine leggings. We (i) hope to see more of a risk for next year, menswear can be just as exhilarating as women’s, and this is 100% a place to do it.

Padina Bondar was a tap and everybody’s eye pipes bursted. Sharing a story for women against violence & the LGBQT came at just the right time. Beautifully giving individuals globally that are silenced a platform for recognition and remembrance. A wake-up call, that has never hung up since, and I am sure put a stamp on each soul in that room.

Overall, Fashion Art Toronto 17’ from the start to the finish was exceptionally well done and is a safe home for all with the most genuine individuals behind this on-going “project”. If you happened to, unfortunately, miss this year or looking for more to indulge visit



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