Our Instagram boxes practically say it all…Call it positive violet grunge. The era’s between 50’s-90’s were empowering for obvious reasons but the fashion free-spirit did not seem to qualify for the finals to carry on through. “ Back in the day” ( in your grandparent’s bop tone) people were creating revolution over peace instead of rolling their eyes to the back of their head over the way someone dresses. We have a lot more to worry about than a man or woman walking proudly with a floral pirate puff shirt and shit kickers.  Gun’s and Roses t-shirts were not making headlines if you can believe it ( only If they had Tumblr)

Bell bottoms were a groovy trend for men in the 60’s and 70’s. In the early 19th century the US. Navy adopted the wide trouser pant when the current standard uniform did not exist. In quoting “ Nautical fashion”.  That is where rock n roll stars were inspired to play with the flared jean/pant and dressed it up with multiple neck accessories or stacked jewelry. The UK have been known to introduce the bell-bottom jean with a plaform shoe. Famously seen used as a “candy wrapper of attention “ on Alice Cooper and gents like Steven Tyler.  Though leaving the 90’s most men did not follow suit and became more aware of the skinny jean and a regular sneaker. Some of today’s maverick gurus still strut these trends, just less normal and more of socially wacky. Of course, a long head of lettuce was complimenting these unplugged outfits. According to history, men that have short cut hair in many cultures are viewed as being under society’s control. Meaning, you are either recruited in the military or under punishment of crime. Long, thick hair has been a sign of wealth and power. Of course, The Beatles were one of the many in the 60’s that brought this trend to the forefront.  So before you throw your hair ties into a boiling pot of coffee and your messy hair to Poseidon, the god of the sea, take listen.

Money might not grow on trees, but your hair can stir those greens.  Let this stir your daisy enriched blood.

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