With our favorable past experiences at film festivals highlighted in bright yellow sharpie, we knew that Planet in Focus was one subject that we haven’t thoroughly discussed – Mother Earth. Our first buttery film was at the Al Green Theatre to watch our first freshly popped motion picture –  Denial.

Directed by Derek Hallquist – the documentary takes a closer look at Dave’s ( Hallquist’s father) strategy and benefits of the smart grid.  As the film progressed, what was suppose to be environmentally based, took the background actor’s seat as the relationship between Derek and Dave flourished to the leading star position.  When Dave reveals  “Christine, Derek’s introduces her through the environmental lingo on the road to having a better understanding of his father.  Reports from Williams Institute of Law 46% of transgender men attempt suicide in the United States, 63-78% ( both gender respondents) stated they suffered from physical or sexual violence, this sadly is only the % at school.  69% experienced homelessness. Due to this film based in the USA, we highly recommend researching statistics in your home country, it is very shocking.

You can view “Denial” ‘s trailer here:

At 2:30 pm we were seated for the Wildlife Shorts Program. This feature included Elk River (US), The Hundred-year-old whale ( Canadian) and ‘Fix and Release’ ( Canadian).

I never really thought one could make, (what we and the aud found) a humorous mini-docu on Elk migration….oddly enough, Jenny Nichols and Joe Riis did just that.  Though we must admit, Jack the dog was the star of Yellowstone’s high-alpine meadows. You can watch Elk River right HERE, thank us later!

If your not a ‘fin’ of Seaworld ( because if you are the nice x on the right hand of your screen works) you’re going to want to hear about the long journey of Granny, if you haven’t already.  The believed to be 105-year old orca is not a story you hear when killer whales are in captivity.  As of around July 2017, 165 orcas have died in captivity in reports shown by This does not cover the 30 that miscarried or stillborn calves. Only estimated around 80 whales of Granny’s kind ( Southern Resident) are left.  At the same time, orcas like Granny feed off of a certain fish called Chinook Salmon. Unfortunately, the population of Chinook salmon is also an extreme plunge. “Orca survival depends on protecting Chinook salmon,” says David Suzuki. This concludes low reproduction rates. You can read more in regards to saving orca’s and how our pollution is entering the food chain HERE

You can see a glimpse of Granny in this video:

We end Saturday right home in Ontario.

Based in Peterborough – Fix and Release exhibits a Hospital specializing in turtle recovery. It was a real eye-opener on how much these reptiles need us to produce a voice for them. A lot of these turtles and hatchlings are at risk or injured because they either are crossing a highway or run over. A lady mentioned at the Q&A that Ontario needs turtle caution signs just like for any other wildlife animal. If you see a turtle injured on the side of the road and or you accidentally come in contact with one, call 705-741-5000  – or follow these steps HERE nothing in this world deserves to not have the medical attention it needs. You can donate to the Kawartha Turtle Hosptial HERE . They do incredible work and through the documentary, they have hearts of gold! You can also donate supplies and equipment HERE. Seven to eight species of Ontario Turtles are at risk, there are always options to suit you comfortably to help out!


One of many reasons we ( as in i) decided to film and create a mini vlog doc style session for the gala and awards,  was because I knew it would be too good not to have a motion visual for. Now, this is definitely to be expected in the near future for events, conferences, mini human interest docs etc. It was a lot of fun to film.  If we could take anything out of the evening it was that it was insanely inspirational to produce and elevate articles.  We have always been for the local, for the people and stories that should be heard, and want to make sure we produce the best and correct voice. Best believe we vastly grabbed the light bulb.

Jonah Bryson was honored with the Rob Stewart Youth Eco-Hero award, which below you can hear a piece of Jonah’s acceptance speech.  At such a young age, this gent is defiantly one you need to look out for. We need more youth to project and impact our society with great knowledge the way he does.

If you do not know who Ron Finley is, you are going to now.

Known as the #GanstaGardener this International Eco-Hero Award recipient is the definition of changing his community…globally.  ‘Fresh and organic’ was not neighbors to South Central Los Angeles, until Mr.Finley decided to turn his backyard into his own source. I could not describe this film the way it was projected if my life counted on it. I’m insanely grateful that we could capture a piece of Ron Finley that you can view. He is a remarkable human and one I can now call my role model. “ Can you dig this? “

Situations and moments like this come far and few between, but we aim to showcase to those that want to grasp a side they may have never seen before.  We are humans and we should take the time to hear out our fellow space roommates. I believe our “planet”, would be more “in focus”.

We are going to leave our email open! If you know somebody ( even yourself!) that has a story or have a local hero making an impact, you want to share. Contact us at with the subject line ‘ Making an Impact”

The Vlog Doc 


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