Duffel Bag Guide: The Athletic, Casual, Travel and a little bit of everything

Men’s fashion is made easy when you got us. From a simple carry piece to a travel overnighter,  a duffle is right in the middle of comfort and à la mode style.

A while back, we did a gym bag article that reached crazy SEO article numbers.  We thought why not revise as it just wasn’t enough for every man bag carrier.  Taking a look at fashion designers and fashion hosts across a few key destinations brought to you by our viewer population, we scoped out 4 duffle bags that suit an athletic gent, business on the go, casual + travel and a little bit of everything mentioned.

We wanted something tech convention ready but still tongue-tied. Can’t forget Mr. Corduroy hipster though, jetting off on a business trip. I mean we are rad and purely raw style hunters for a reason. If you are interested in us covering local designers and or your city fashion, leave a comment below, where you are from and we will add your name to the following article!

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