The more you wear your fedora, the wiser it becomes.

They say a man who wears multiple hats, is a jack of all trades. The ice-cold horse’s breath puffing amidst the slush, the fedora is a cowboy’s pellets and a city man’s identity.  Nothing is quite earthy yet challenging than the crisp brims and tailored leather straps that make an appearance every time you glance down for everyone to acknowledge.

The more you wear in your lucky charm, the wiser it becomes. You only need a few to balance your slick movements every time you walk.

How can you do a little DIY and signature customization?

–      Adding feathers for the rustic/ travelers look

–      New rimming/use plain rimming and add your artwork to it

–      Throw a neck scarf around the base or a bandana

–      Change the color to your own natural plant dyes

–      Fabric Paint – sun & the moon painting action, add details that create personal healing

–      Don’t Forget to check places like Etsy, for timeless vintage hats to add to your collection

But hey a little chuck around here and there will do the trick.


Lack of Color
Brixton – For Fall
Brixton – For Spring/Summer

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