2 words to describe our appearance at African Fashion Week on Saturday night – “Blown Away” We as a publication always crave for threads that not only stand out but, make everyone sit at the edge of their seat. It all started with one model moving to the music that led the whole fashion influencer attendee’s anticipate what could possibly come out behind the runway. It was new and innovative, something Toronto hasn’t seen in a while or not used to – especially in menswear. It wasn’t the black and white predicted suit and tie or a leather jacket and a pair of boat loafers. You could telepathically see attendees look at each piece as if they were imagining how they could take those threads and style it into their own wardrobe, something a designer should take great pride in. Could we honestly say it was better than we ever expected? 100 times yes. In the beginning, they showcased mostly womenswear, which is great personally for myself to glance at. But for the sake of our readers, we were just a tad antsy. There couldn’t possibly be a better ending to the 1st segment and with views like the venue host of  “The Globe and Mail building”, you could say *in the Arnold Schwarzenegger tone* “I’ll be back”

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