Oh, the lux of coziness. Faux fur jackets have been around in my household as long as I can remember my mothers Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction hair and bohemian beads hanging from the kitchen. The god-awful part about faux fur jackets is that it has a reputation for classical looks, like silk dress shirts with the spritz of ta femme’s Chanel perfume. The brilliant side of it though, is that it can be completely unisex and may I say I haven’t seen one lad that doesn’t look Friday night arcade game ready. If 9 year old me was styling a faux fur cheetah jacket, it would be with red blazing converse, an oversized ‘ dad’ white t-shirt with a dress and a milk ( almond) container in hand. Which if you think about it, we all need a little ‘kid personality’ back into our lives. So how can you style this fancy material of a jacket? The answer is: Don’t be fancy.


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