A LIFE CHANGING INTERVIEW WITH TORONTO’S MONET VANGOGH (tissue boxes are recommended for the tears)

*Humor Warning Advised: If you are sensitive to such acts please either use the gentle X button at the top of your search server or take the massive leap of bravery and continue this article – we thank you for this not so inconvenience*

Yes, you may be shocked to find out that we were able to interview such a being. With the hourless motivation to produce this article – It finally happened. You may know this Mr. from his pieces at Mallo Coffee Shop. Don’t be confused with Claude Monet or Vincent VanGogh – because Toronto’s Very Own Monet is quite the competition. Besides this unreal character, we spoke to the man behind the incredibly talented and to be honest, moving pieces that would rebaptize you for the better. If you are feeling any sense of intense emotion please contact your physician or your mother.

In a hashtag #Realism world – It all started by the idea of being a fourth-grade art enthusiastic and acting as if it was better than what it was. He or ( hey as described) wanted to come up with a name that would not only sound impressive but as well snobby. The conception was a quick one from an off the top of your head memory of late and credible artists. Though this ‘joke’ has gone further and further than what he could have ever imagined – it will be a futuristic surprise to whatever may come out of this. The persona also touches on a few friends and a particular institution that inspired the whole comedic side of it, I unlike many possible writers would outcast Monet but I wish to not be blackmailed by his artistry.

The first event that really took this idea offline was a black-tie event that Monet hosted and of course, showcased his work. They had a loft that pretentiously was on King and Bathurst and had those attended drinking wine and shot glass treats. Even those that are not familiar with the character of Monet, found it quite fascinating and a little “what the fuck” especially on TTC when he was dressed in his Parisian painters attire.

At this prime time creation of work, you obviously would understand that it takes a very long time to visual and put to paper what will now be labeled as legendary – a solid half an hour to 40 minutes of pure, pure talent. If anything, the true blue epitome is the person he has shadowed in his life which really now is the star of this article. He told us that his mother finds it incredibly funny and knows his juvenile level of artistry at best and she can’t get enough of it. Go, Mom!

The best part about what has been created is that its light and something for everyone to experience. Social media has not only become an issue for just physical appearance issues and reality of what one should look like but even mental health wise. For someone that is a biomedical engineer by trade to unknowingly start something that is so unrelated is a positive step for the future of online content. Of course, I gravitated to the humor out of this due to our human interest stories being mostly relatively heavy and I don’t want to ever give the impression I am always an in the trenches storyteller. But, this truly is showcasing the raw idea of not take yourself so seriously and enjoying what is to come in your life, small or big.

Give this lad a follow on social media HERE and if you would like for us to attend one of his future galleries, feel free to leave a comment below – but don’t think your opinion will change my thoughts because we will be doing it anyway.


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