Bra’s for Back Acne: Advice On The Hidden Discomfort


Ah puberty acne, the moment in time where it sort-of went downhill from there. Just when you thought the middle fazes of needing a bra but still can wear a trainer was hard enough. Spring and Summer break was always the hardest. I dreamt of wearing beautiful backless tops and cute crops throughout the very humid season. But, as my insecurities of having a full face of acne and now the rapid growth of my back producing as well, I was doomed for the indoors. People without acne ie: all my friends that seemingly had the perfect skin, of course, questioned those that had visible back acne or acne in general that left me to wear a shit ton of makeup and never, and I mean NEVER wearing a tank top at school. Not to mention, it was extremely painful especially when certain fabrics would rub against my back. I also was a competitive athlete, so the blood, sweat, and tears did not help my acne situation what’s so ever. So what are a few things I learned during this process as I grew older and seemed to tame that annoying and troubling skin disorder that we as a society seem to not have accepted yet? It all starts out by not irritating the ‘bully’.

I remember at times I would purposely not leave my house because I couldn’t wear a bra and wanted to stay in my baggy t-shirt and draws around the house. The oh so sexy push-up PINK and Victoria Secret bras were of course very trendy so I never really looked to other options that were in the realm of still providing some security but as well not causing me pain.

As I got older I started to look at options, though it’s not as intense as it used to be because of a few tips I discovered and it’s just a few thanks to sports bras and bralettes. But that’s just a generalization, there are still specifics for this.

Let’s break down the bra checklist first…

  1. I avoided any kind of regular looking bra ‘strap’ as I found most of my acne was ‘created’ in that area.
  2. I tried to find breathable material like lace so if I needed to put any acne cream underneath it could smoothly go on top without restrictions. This is also great if you deal with lower back acne (where the latch at the bottom to close the bra)
  3. With sports bras, I searched for ones that had more of an open back than others and same material throughout that canceled out those straps. If you have acne closer to your shoulders, as sometimes those bigger ones can hurt quite bad, it gives you the extra room to play with.
  4. With bra’s, it’s also about the quality too but it always isn’t the case. I went to Walmart and found a few sports bras on sale for $5 and they helped me out a lot since there were a variety and a big plus – they didn’t cause irritation! Stores like this, you have options on a budget – so make sure you take a look at where your acne generally pops up, try to avoid those areas as much as possible and mix and match to what works best!
  5. Avoid those wires underneath your breast unless you need extra support if you’re heavier on top. But if you can find ones with more comfortable material around those edges it will help a lot with strain and not causing your back any more stress.
  6. Keep clothes as non-restrictive as possible. Think about getting one size up, for extra air if you feel up to it.
  7. All of these rules also sway with bathing suit tops.

Things we have to understand and sometimes unavoidable:

  1. If you are a teenager dealing with puberty acne, I can tell you it will get better and with consistency, you will find what works best for you. I know it’s sooo hard not to stress out or cry but if you try to not look at your back or face as often you will notice it clears up quicker because your body is causing not only illusions but anxiety.
  2. Speaking of anxiety, your mental health is important to take care of. With adult acne ( which I still do deal with) always make room in your budget or allowance for yourself. There are many places out there holistically that provide economical treatments like acupuncture, cupping and so forth that not only are great for relaxation and sleep but can assist with acne. But please never be afraid of reaching out to a doctor medication wise if you need it, NEVER feel ashamed, more people than you realize the deal with acne/hormonal outbreaks! It’s not YOU!
  3. Make sure you change your sheets more often than normal. On the laundry days, I typically sleep topless with my fresh bedding and put extra cream on my back with my fan providing cool air facing it. Since there isn’t any material at all rubbing again and um…feel free – I noticed I had a much better sleep. At the end of each week thing of this as wellness maintenance.
  4. Shower twice a day if you can and don’t forget about moisturizing! The worst thing you can do is come home from a sweaty day and let your back absorb all of those extra oils and rotate your towels. The more the merrier!
  5. Keep your long locks off your back when it is quite humid, sometimes it can make us feel a little crappier than usual. A beautiful scrunchy will happily take its place.

Those are a few tips that I do to help manage my back acne. I will be doing a post in the near future on creating a menstrual cycle package for hormonal acne on the face too and pain. This will include my long battle of finding face products and creating a happy balance in my diet without straining myself of sweets and other fun goods, so keep an eye out for that.

I am in no way saying either that from these tips I have cleared all of my acne completely and I look like a holy goddess. But, it has helped me sufficiently where it doesn’t cause too much disruption in my daily life where I feel forced to stay in. Remember as you age you will learn the beauty in knowledge as we are all students for life. Here is a quick chart for your new shopping adventure:

Check for straps and places where one breaks out!


There are many options that are super sexy too! Bralettes and lace are a beautiful combo


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