So you here to tell me there isn’t some hipster lovin, 90’s killing athletes that are dying to show their flare before game time but not too sure how to style it correctly? Oh please, save it for Reddit.

I have watched a few before game time walk-in’s on hockey night in Canada in my day and I am either extremely thrilled or extremely disappointed – Mama didn’t create some of those beautiful faces for nothing. Based on a few athletes looks and how they carry themselves off and on the court, I created a mini lookbook of 5 different suits and really easy ways to style them, leaving your focus on the upcoming game. One note I should mention, don’t forget about the accessories. You can carry in your man-clutch: a travel size floss for the flashes of the camera awaiting or in PK Subban fashion – some extra mouthwash.

I love the European feel to this. Since most sports are drafting players from overseas, the suit and extra elements bring a little home with you.

Sleek, Modern and Easy to manage. After a game, if you are looking to head out to the bar or dinner this is a great transitional outfit. Instead of using a dress pant, stick with a black jean. You can either keep a black sports low-sport shoe in the back of your car to change into later (just make sure you have a low sock that doesn’t show/rolled jean bottom) or take the outfit apart depending on the scene you’re going to. With how classy this fit looks, it would be impossible for it to not catch some attention.

Remember how I mentioned accessories and you probably were over it the minute you read it and how you’re reconsidering those thoughts? If there is any reason to show coach or your fellow team-mates who is ready for business, it’s this ‘moment’ to look sharp. Maybe that A on your jersey will turn to a C. So captain, keep those notes in your man-clutch.

Ah, Canadian winter. But that doesn’t mean you have to shy away from something a little more vibrant. Rustic yellow/orange is a very popular choice and may I add it photographs beautifully. Yeah, a dress shoe is always great but if your feeling under the weather and looking to keep your hat hair away and make the outfit not look awkward – Converse are always the way to go.

This is a total Mr.Confidence mood! Keep this in your closet when you are feeling extra and ready for a few dabs on the field. Floral doesn’t always have to be feminine when you strike with a rad shoe, chunky glasses and a smooooth backpack – I think I already hear a touchdown in the making.







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