After each march, parade and protest it feels like the world has finally come together with an imaginary pen signing off as a promise to continue to fight for their sisters, mothers and future daughters. But realistically, every 6 days approximately a woman in Canada is killed by her intimate partner. Around 3.4K women and their children seek shelters to hide away from abuse. The questions arise “After the #MeToo movement are men becoming worse, not better?” or “Why is it so hard for men to understand consent is real?”

In the United States, there have been a few “What Were You Wearing” exhibits showcasing the clothing of rape/assault victims proving the “your asking for it” theory completely wrong. Why hasn’t Canada put together something like this, Is it because those in power are too afraid of admitting there is something seriously wrong with our country?  I can tell you this much, wearing a feminism pin and waving your hands in the air at a girl power event isn’t going to stop anything. Women are attacked for using the word feminism as a forceful word yet, your actions of violence aren’t forceful? Most perpetrators don’t consider themselves a perpetrator.

The yearly costs of sexual violence is 4.8 billion. It breaks down into Medical, lost productivity, pain and suffering, criminal justice system and more. How are we spending so much money on basic human rights to say NO? It’s hard to say when we will have a full understanding of change. We can’t just have a court hearing stating ‘Women are equally as powerful as men’ or ‘By scientist results women are better at labor jobs than men’. We can use the excuse of how there will be no proper conclusion if there isn’t a change in religion, upbringing and simple politicial opinons. This may seem impossible but it really isn’t because none of these have a rule to NOT understand what consent means or better yet know each human’s life is equally as valuable. According to stats, only 1 out of 3 Canadians recognizes what consent means.

How can we make better strides as a country? Elect the proper politician that will change our school system and implement studies at a juvenile age to break the cycle. Saving even one life is better than 0. This means instead of uploading the spicy Doritos challenge, why not partake on educational content and showcase important issues women are facings. Yes, we can be smart! No we don’t NEED to upload fashion haul videos for views. We need to encourage women even if they don’t have a law degree, a political background or master’s in criminal justice to attend council meetings, be more informed to run as mayor or prime minister. It brings no option for women to nestle their way in to sit in parliament or congress.

If you say YES to: I am tired of over thinking the way I look or can’t wear a skirt that day because I am leaving school at night where predators linger. I am tired of being stared down every 5 mins by unwanted attention. I am tired of feeling like because I have a certain hair color I deserve to be treated like bombshell meat.

There will be no finishing line to this fight if each father is sexualizing women in front of their son’s ‘teaching them their ways’. There will be no finishing line to this fight if men continually are elected for higher power positions. There will be no finishing line to this fight if men are not equally partaking in male birth controls so women are not be abused for ‘getting pregnant’.

Because a man that chooses 1$ beer to be apart of his campaign with 0 political knowledge and background screams any woman can too!

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