From the minute we heard Blowing Smoke we knew we had to interview this powerful Canadian vocalist. At such a young age Zoelly is creeping up on the music scene rapidly and you can’t say you will be surprised if you hear her on the radio on repeat in the near future. She has covered artists such as Christina Aguilera but we were curious about how she continues to keep her individuality in check. Rad + Raw can’t stop playing her recent new track and oh…it’s such a shame.

Zoelly started her career at 8 years old, coming from a very musical background where her mother sings and her father and brother play guitar. Not too long ago, Zoelly decided to propel her métier in music just a little bit further. She was performing at a charity event and at that moment she realized how much she loved using her talented vocals in front of an audience. Zoelly went on to talk about how she visualizes her music videos when writing her records. “For Blowing Smoke, it’s a really dark mellow song about a relationship. I wanted the music video to be a part of that vision. Of course, it’s not something always we know right from the beginning but for this music video I had a pretty good idea.

In Late July, Zoelly released a track called “Warning” along with the visuals. Like most artists, the development of new songs can be quite rapid, almost like a growth spurt. For her, it was a time period of a summer relationship to it ending with Blowing Smoke and like we can all relate a few bad habits. But for the future, there is never really a clear plan she explained. It’s about experiences and what she needs to put to paper at that moment.

The music industry has grown to cater to some incredible talent and duets have been on the rise of popularity. If Zoelly had to pick an artist to collaborate with, her rapid answer of Billie Eilish was surely understanding. She told Rad and Raw that she likes to use a mixture of her sound and music with her own creations as that is what she connects to the most.

With a long road ahead, the final curtain after each performance holds many factors of remembrance and what that artist can give to the audience to take home with them. Though it’s easy to be swoon by an electric performer, Zoelly stated how she believes writing music for those to relate to is her secret ingredient to longevity. “I always try to create music for those to turn and connect to. As an artist, I want to be that special person where everybody can append on for whatever they are going through. That’s the direction I want to keep going.

For the next year ahead, Zoelly is looking to master the constant change in music and continue to keep on writing. We, on the other hand, cannot wait to see what she produces in the near future and of course, keep our readers updated on all the new successes that come her way. Make sure you follow Zoelly on her social media platforms and let us know what is one of your favorite tracks and covers she has released.

Click the photo to listen to Blowing Smoke


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