I know, sometimes your in aisle #3 at your local daisy mart picking up forgotten bits and all of the sudden you spot a really cool Laffy taffy box and think ‘this would make for such a retro-themed photo’. You look down at what your holy study pants and a burger roasted toasted stain on your shirt. What makes it even worse is when you look in your closet and you can’t seem to match one gosh darn thing to the vibrant and groovy PHONT. You are a lucky lady since we created a simple food bible for you to follow. To make the picture worth it’s a while, there a few must-haves to take into consideration such as..

  1. Really outrageous shoes always get the likes ( if that is what you as ethically care about *eye roll*)
  2. Always check stores such as Hot Topic. You can find awesome threads on sale that def standout, don’t snap a pic in just anything.
  3. Test it out on a few different options for cameras. Try a polaroid, for that extra retro tip. Take out your average iPhone if you want that convenience store grunge, no filter vibes. Or if you have a pro photographer friend ( hey MOM) play around with Lightroom filters if trending on Tumblr is what you oh so seek for.
  4. Props are always, ALWAYS exciting to add. Get creative, pour some milk on your face, plus you get a shower while you are at it.
  5. Don’t just pose in the regular, hand in pocket position. Throw your feet up in the sky, lay down while eating your coco puffs or get in the freezer for all I care.

Just remember to have an Astro time. Tag us in your photos if you use our theme ideas, we would LOVE to see them.

Yours Truly, Astro Girl


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