Jonny Carroll talks about Averly’s debut single and finding solace in cultivating the attitude you carry.

From starting out as a solo artist promoting his own music touring throughout the US and the UK. Jonny Carroll had no idea how his cards would later flip to two.

Last year, Jonny took a year off to focus more on his health and knew the direction he was heading with his music wasn’t what he wanted to grow into. With a slight change of the wind, he got in touch with Jon Class, who was a known producer in the Indianapolis area. The two worked on a song together particularly called “Patient”, which was a song he wrote in New York living in his 2003 Honda. After the thumbs up from Jon, they spent 3 consecutive days together thinking the song was going to be under just Jonny Carroll’s name. In the midst of this Jonny felt the creative collaboration between the two was really rare and how they bounced ideas off each other so organically. “I jokingly said, maybe we should start a band” stated Carroll “He was dead serious and said back – Yeah I really want that.

After taking some time off during the summer to digest the idea, to make sure this was something they both really wanted instead of a spur of the moment pitch, the final agreeance was just around the corner but they still couldn’t think of a name that felt that would represent them.

At a point of time, Jonny was flipping through an old family photo book, where it was his first family holiday to Scotland. They were staying at a flat in Edinburgh outside of Waverly Station. “I came across that sign and thought, Waverly has a really good ring to it, so I took it Jon and he said it reminded him of that show on Disney, Wizards of Waverly Place. I couldn’t unthink of it after that. He came back at me and pitched the idea of dropping the W and making it Averly. It felt perfect.”

The two produce equilateral chemistry at the moment. Jonny takes care of the writing side which is equal to the genius of Jon who turns the blueprint into a dynamic production, making their sound geometrical.  Which he calls “complementary

There is nothing that makes an artist so unique by the small details that they carry with them in the studio. We call this a “safety pack” or “toolkit” if you prefer that at best. For Jonny he felt like it seemed non-existent for the majority as a writer, he realized how chaotic his songwriting process visually looked. “I would write out of necessity, I would have a strong emotional experience to blow out that steam to try to articulate myself.  I have bipolar 1 disorder, which I wasn’t diagnosed until well into my 20’s. Music was my therapy. It served me as that function for so many years. I didn’t really have a designated writing process until really this past year or so. I started to think more objectively about my songs, breaking them down and treating it rhythmically.” explained Jonny. The process he did end up developing was writing from a loop pedal, which is something Ed Sheeran does. To differentiate factor, Jonny uses a pedal called the “Ditto”, which you can build a loop of your guitar and reverse it. By reversing it messes with the actual sound wave and makes it sound processed and digital but also swirly. When it’s played over and over again it gives the keyboard or pad effect.

To break down his toolkit he uses: A mahogany acoustic guitar, the loop pedal, voice recorder on his phone and a good journal.

The advice sector was quite of an easy spit for Jonny, from him to you and rightly so. He began talking about how earlier this year he spent some time at a psychiatric hospital, to close family losses but it seemed it’s not about just positivity but moving peacefully with the change. “When it comes to the idea of struggle I found a lot of solace in being intentional about cultivating the attitude you carry,” said Jonny. “I feel so many people get disappointed because something is not coming together the way they want to or a big business plan that feels so far away. But I think you should learn to feel grateful in the moment and find happiness in what is happening presently. Jonny continued to sayIf you have friends, your life is a success, that’s the bottom line. Having those in your circle that would go to bat for you, you have already made it. Everything else is just icing on the cake after that. I want to inspire our listeners to have the audacity to hope for something big. Though also coming at life with low expectations and allowing the good things to surprise you

With the debut single of Averly which is out now on Spotify, we can surely say, the road ahead, WON’T be much of a surprise to you.

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