I mean you have to be proud of your fellow women for taking a massive charge at gender equality and creating a future of powerful females. This, of course, comes with major ambition and there is no reason why you can’t be loud, proud and stand with those that are as equal to your sister, mother, cousin and creating an impact for your child who will look back and be like…damn that was my dad?

Now your probably wondering…where do I start?

Besides spilling tea and engaging in social media posts, there are a few things you can snag in your sweet sweet home of the internet and not to mention jump into some great projects for 2019.


Uh hi! Who doesn’t love wearing insanely cool apparel? Etsy is like the church for everything a creative would need and this tee is a great place to start. Amen.

GoneLounge on Etsy

Post some dope quotes that are mega truthful.

I can tell you from even personal experience, feeling like spilling too much knowledge in a conversation with someone you don’t really know as a woman, can be a little nerve-wracking. It’s like “What’s if he thinks I am boring?” or “I want him to know I don’t sit inside and watch Law in Order too much!” So the #1 most helpful thing out there is to let women know that there are men who seek for smart females and who appreciate a great head on their shoulders…..but like we don’t really need it though *hair flip*

We heard pins are totally the new thing!

This goes hand and hand with your new tee but let’s say it gets a little smelly and you need to throw it in the wash ( on cold of course). Purchasing a pin that was made by a woman for ultra feminism is so fetch. Not to mention how cute are they? I mean…*cough* super rad bro.

shopTheSassyGirl on Etsy

Start your own Instagram page about men supporting women.

There are not many spaces on the internet that have a page for men who are feminist that believe and stand up when it’s needed. How cool would it be to see a community all in one spot?

Write for a feminism powered publication!

Besides creating your own page, get your name out there! Continue to share stories, ideas and new topics from a male’s standpoint on being a feminist. There are so many sites you can volunteer your writing services or even carry it into a career as a freelance blogger. Get working!

But most of all….

Encourage other men to look at the bigger picture and understand they don’t have the power to do as they please to a woman simply because they feel superior. I can’t speak for anyone but I don’t hate men or will never appreciate the support from the gender, I just hope that we can realize that there needs to be a change with males and how they act towards women because the percentage out there, viewing stories is very very high.

We don’t care that you are irritated that the Me Too movement is causing you discomfort, We don’t care that we are putting your job in hot water and where your hands go should be placed on a sign marching with us, not hurting us.

Make 2019, a safer place for women.




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