The trend awaits at the beach for a wave, where a few decide to take their surfboards out for a spin. You may see a few celebrities recently bring out a few of these jumpsuits including Latin star Bad Bunny. Though we have built sand castles to see if any other stars will see the same from their yachts, we decided to start the engine and set sail on our….little floaty.

* we are not encouraging one to buy the pieces shown, simply to understand feel and look. *

One of the main themes of last year was not only cultivating artistry but looking it on the outside. For our first look, we wanted to mix two trades together and create one. This can pass for a clean painter fit or Paris/ underground chic if you add patches where you feel it would do justice. Even socks just do the trick.

For this look, I really wanted to challenge the fit of a boiler jumpsuit. Since it is typically tight-fitting, we wanted to drive the opposite route and throw on a (faux for us) jacket that played up the rebellion. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like having a coat that has room and easy to move around in while still adding just a hint of rock. You don’t need a hat that looks like this either or simply want to wear one, it’s just an idea if you’re looking to go casual to event ready.

Ugh! This is a favorite by far. How cute would this be on Valentines Day! I don’t even know if we have any words to go along with this piece as it just speaks for you. Everything mashes together so effortlessly. It’s very simple but stands out in every perfect king of way.

This is another that doesn’t need much brain power.  If your either needing a sweater to throw over to go from your home to car or a skateboard around, it’s surely a piece you have to take with you. Light pink is very masculine.

Why do you need to search endless sites and stores for matching camo when you can have it all in one piece? Since you can check pattern off the list, very minor touch-ups need to happen. No matching socks please, this isn’t Duck Dynasty. The quiet 2 black stripes add flow and move your eye back around the outfit smoothly, just make sure they are rolled up to be shown. This wouldn’t be a rad article if we didn’t throw in round sunglasses, it just switches the mood – real quick!

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