Organic Bedroom Décor: Our 2019 Picks

The place that heals us, cultivates dreams, creates love and laughs and where we first open our eyes.

Bedrooms are the most personal spot in a house and where style and identity are shown the most. The simplest touches like a new throw pillow or fresh bedding can flip the room upside down. When you lay your head down to rest or uncover your used clothes, it’s important to practice healthy choices just like you would with cuisine.

There are too many brands that we are totally crushing on, but we can successfully narrow down a few organic décor favorites that can spark your interest when you’re on the hunt for good trade.

West Elm
Crate and Barrel
Khalima Lights on Etsy
Juju & Jake
Laundry Shoppe
Lorena Canals
Shortwise – 100% Bamboo
VBreathe Organic Air Purifier


Don’t forget to get cozy!
Nanasmit24 on Etsy

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