If there was only one menu of humanitarians to ever exist and you’re the creator, what would those change-makers look like?  Mac, a dexterous barber, and Co-founder of The Kickback & Company is marking his name in fine stygian ink on many humans watch list, making Mac apart of the new recipe of philanthropy on the rise.

The journey started in high school when a friend of Mac’s bought tools to try out barbering. As his peer started to gain “clientele” amidst their group, Mac, who was observing the trade became interested in picking up scissors himself.

Barbering became a mother tongue language and continued to blossom as time went on. While working part-time jobs and university, his mother and grandmother built a shop in his basement. However, it wasn’t a fast process by transitioning to occupational status in a 10-year gap.

Fast-forwarding to the birth of open-handedness, Mac received an email from Jamal (founder of The Kickback) inquiring if he was interested in partaking in their first BBQ event, where Mac would cut hair, take part in workshops and more to provide to as many kids as they could. With the not so spoiler agreement on Mac’s behalf, The Kickback’s projects have grown in multiples from “Confident Cuts” and “Homeroom” which you can view HERE 

With each pair of eyes Mac has seen throughout The Kickback and beyond, we wondered if he has gathered a chest of changes he would like to see made in Ontario. Despite trying not to follow politics too closely, the ethics of The Kickback weave peacefully into making a step in the right direction.I would like to see more community activities, not just community service that is specifically oriented to promoting creativity and prevent people and kids from just hanging around. Mac continued with the idea of creating a dodge ball league, which is a great form of anaerobic exercise and of course fun with limited equipment.

As the conversation progressed, Mac was leaving my very cool art director behind the camera and myself, infused with motivation. We had to know who makes up at least part of his solar plexus chakra. As cliché as it sounds, my parents. smiled Mac. My dad for being super hard-working and my mom for teaching me how to appreciate and be proud of sensitivity. My list would be too long for friends that have inspired me.

Speaking on the subject of family and roots, Mac’s scissor’s passport is looking to be stamped in many places as his thirst for travel heightens. But, there is one place Mac could never leave out or ever imagine a plane not being able to land for The Kickback. Nicaragua, right away,” Mac said, as he rose on a lightly painted chair.I would love to live there in the future and it has been a dream of mine to be a barber who has a beachfront shop with the water in front of me.

If a vision that sounds jejune compared to fast cars and award shows, we imagine wisdom is a priority that grows like a tree with many human connecting endeavors. Following an easy-going lifestyle may just be the key to watering your own tranquil plant that Mac sponsors. Especially growing up, I looked too deeply into what was not real.  Enjoy your path, take your time and don’t worry.

Coming to a close, but have yet to meet Mac’s destination, Rad + Raw looks forward to seeing what the future holds for this bright human. The best part is that you, yourself can meet Mac at The Buy Good Feel Good Expo in Toronto. Mac takes the stage at their opening reception April 12th if you would like to hear more about his story. The event runs from the 12th to the 14th with incredible vendors and more, so make sure you have your cameras well charged.

On Behalf of TOMS Canada, Mark Braiser stated the company is thrilled to be working with the BGFG on Stand For Tomorrow as in his words. “We have known Rafik and Sarah Jean for a while now and thought this would be a great opportunity to launch to the consumers at large in this impact space. Buy Good Feel Good has a sincere awareness and support for the brands and change-makers. They are authentic, real and doing this because they have identified the need. It’s ingrained in their DNA, as it is with TOMS so we knew this would be a match.

Rad + Raw Magazine would like to humbly thank TOMS Canada for allowing us to host the interview at their loft as well the hardworking, Sarah Jean from Peace Flag House for setting this all up.  We can’t wait to attend the BGFG Expo!

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