The Buy Good Feel Good Expo is just right around the corner and we cannot wait to find new goods with an impactful brand standing behind the material. We know how planning and arranging times/dates with family and friends can be quite stressful so we decided to create a “style grocery list” for you to take with you at the expo. Buy Good Feel Good is the perfect place to get everything you need under one roof. With an event like this, you don’t need to take your annual shopping trip to hundreds of different stores.

Remember there is no need to print anything off, you can simply add this article to the home screen of your device and click to open anytime needed. The planet thanks you.


  1. Aequalis Athletics – Canadian made athletic apparel that gives back 5% to organizations and events that help decrease financial barriers between families and activities they would like to participate in.
  2. Heart of a Man – Men in the 21st century are berated when they express emotion as it is perceived as weakness. Through the name as well apparel it serves as a strong reminder to let out what’s in your heart. Redefine Manhood.
  3. Progoti – Providing garments at honest prices to encourage customers to contribute to building social and financial security for those who need it the most. Progoti crowd funds all contributions to provide factory workers with fair retirement benefits they deserve. By all of this, they help to change the industry for the better.
  4. Origin Africa – A not-for-profit organization raising funds through the sale of authentic African fabric products. Sustainable and absolutely artisanal.
  5. Chic Made Consciously – Hey! This is a familiar name. We interviewed founder, Cassandra a few months ago touching on the journey and background to CMC. Check it all out HERE
  6. Kraywoods: Who doesn’t need a pair of really cool shades for this new spring/summer season. Kraywoods has a great selection to fill your thirst not to mention every product is fuelled by the passion to change the planet for the better. From Zebrawood to Bamboo, each piece is unique.
  7. Wuxly Movement: Canada is home to the great outdoors and you are sure to need some great apparel for it. Wuxly is a “proudly” animal-free line and by this, they use the world’s leading technical fabrics to promote movement in any condition.
  8. Kinder Culture – Vegan streetwear dedicated to donating 1-% of each purchase to water.org to help fund clean water projects. All products are eco-friendly, sustainable, organic and ethically made.

    *Example of how you can style.
  9. Olori – Gorgeous handbags that sponsor one month of education for an underprivileged girl with each purchase. A better future and better fashion is calling.
  10. Brave Soles – Sandles is ALWAYS a must for the new season. Currently, Brave Soles has upcycled 767 tires, 94 cars off the road for a day and 125,848 hours of bulb energy. They proudly value people and the planet.
  11. Aid Through Trade – Who doesn’t love a cool collection of roll bracelets as an option to make your outfit pop! Aid Through Trade is one of the founding members of The Fair Trade Federation who employs over 200 women artisans in Nepal.

And last but not least…a little something to quench your thirst. Apple Flats has a range of products from drink mixers crabapple jelly. They are proud to produce natural products with simple ingredients and without artificial colors or sweeteners. Hello!

The Buy Good Feel Good Expo runs from April 12th to the 14th (2019) for more information click HERE



*Header photo rights of Origin Africa


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