“Expectations are resentments in the making,” the imaginative opening line in Nate Mitchell’s book of quotations, which is now also the opening line to the Gold ’s feature in Rad + Raw Magazine covering the art of being present, their music’s “personality” and much more.

At the age of 8, Nate first picked up the unique sound of the drums. He would find any way to create beats through tapping on counters and floors. After the graduation of crafty tones, Nate dived into other instruments such as a guitar that allowed him to write music by the early age of 12.

Unlike most musicians, Nate didn’t have any big influences in his life. He explained how his parents were not active in the industry themselves so it allowed him to gravitate to the art itself. We asked Nate if he has any certain spots he likes to hang out at such as record shops that may pull immediate inspiration, Nate simply stated he doesn’t believe in forcing creativity. When seeking to connect with his audience, it’s more about living life and having new experiences that make it more impactful to him. However, when creating these key moments he does have his own “writing safety kit” which follows:

  1. Folder of song ideas
  2. Voice Memos (Little recordings whenever he can)
  3. Humming melodies in his downtime at work.

Nate personally listens to music that he can relate to and overall “feel something”, which is similar to his practice in music. One piece of the grateful pie Nate has baked about his current band’s position is how they are small enough to connect with people through their music and even keep track of people’s names. Nate loves that it makes it special for both receiving ends even though of course it would be great to spread that across hundreds and thousands of fans in the future.

On the topic of fans and seeing them at new venues, we asked Nate about how he would like to see the aurora of their transition from studio to stage.  Nate associates sound with color. For any artists out there such as graphic designers, that have studied and understood the emotional connection, this would be called “Color Theory.” He envisions their latest single “Technicolor” with loads of pinks and lights blues, and would of course change depending on the song in session. Nate added his interest in fire, which is one thing he loves seeing at concerts himself. The music he writes does have personality traits, which may be a bird’s eye view into the switch of vibe in the Golds set. You could see an angsty side, sappy, hopeless and maybe tracks that could even be perceived as negative as he laughed. On behalf of our own opinion, The Gold’s next set may be a look into The Northern Lights.

By following the map, Nate hopes to make stops in Japan, Europe, and London.  We, of course, would love to see them hop over into Toronto in the near future, but where ever they may go, we are looking much forward to their successes.

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Header photo from a snippet of “Guilty Pleasure”:




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