As long as Chelsea Stewart has been alive, her passion for singing and songwriting continued to grow as fast as a Marigold. One of her earliest memories was in Montreal when her mother used to put on a poetry TV show that featured musicians, vocalists and other artistic crafts that steam from the same circle. Through observing at just age 5, she knew that one day too, she would be doing the same as those on her screen.

Always making sure music was apart of her education, Chelsea attended a high school that catered to the arts and as well at Humber College studying Jazz where she spent time honing every aspect to make her the youngest JUNO nominee in reggae. She believes fusing her multiple facets has been the key to standing out amidst the sometimes overpopulated crowd in music.

In 2011 Chelsea’s mother and herself started promoting her records on the streets of Toronto to gain buzz, which was apart of the hard work being left on their own coin. Only of last year, Chelsea stated that she decided to start taking advantage of grants that Canada has to offer for musicians, which is apart of her advice to fellow artists by encouraging those to use the many benefits out there.

The close bond Chelsea has with her mother was not only just very clear by convincing fellow citizens that her music is worth the handout, but it’s shown beautifully through the partnership of writing music together. The duo’s writing safety pack contains inspiration from those they put their headphones in for, by taking a favorite line in a song and expanding on that. One particular artist that mastered her creative waves for a record was John Mayer and “Perfectly Lonely,” which lead Chelsea to rack in close to 20 thousand viewers separately on her channel and Reggaeville.

One of the biggest moments in music was “Wavin Flag”  in 2010, which was lead by artists such as K’NAAN, Justin Bieber and Nelly Furtado. For Chelsea, if she created a national anthem that would take the scene in a similar matter with her favorites, it would include Shania Twain and Anne-Marie. We believe her vocals would fit right in to captivate and seal the deal.

Just like one of her favorite books written by Karl Subban (hockey father of the Subban brothers) called “How We Did It” there is no doubt that many individuals will be inspired by her own memoir through each song she produces. The international market is one she has her eyes set on and anyone that gets the chance to see her live will have some lucky ears.

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