You might remember a while back an article that we did for Ryerson’s Intro Fashion Show, which was the same night that we were introduced to Zuri Curated Events that was also promoting a female empowered “Run The World Night Market & Fashion Show.” My eyes lit up as we knew Rad + Raw had to be there, as when do we ever want to miss girl bosses supporting other girl bosses.

The event lived up to everything that we hoped for, not to mention a great vegan mac and cheese doesn’t ever hurt nobody ūüėČ We¬†were thrilled¬†to connect with like-minded¬†individuals¬†that¬†are interested¬†in changing the world for the better by uplifting every admirer¬†and¬†shopper that stopped by the table. To be honest,¬†I¬†don’t think there was ever a point where everyone wasn’t smiling¬†and I don’t blame anyone, its empowering to see¬†new and upcoming¬†females¬†set their mark for a long powerful career.

Not only was this a night to remember for those that attended but part of proceeds¬†was being donated¬†to women with Autism. This couldn’t have been a perfect time to raise awareness around health conditions with cuts and protests coming out of each way we look. Autism is growing rapidly not just in¬†Canada,¬†but around the world.¬†Autism Ontario stated that since¬†ASD¬†is increasing,¬†there is an urgency to meet the needs of children, youth, and adults, on the spectrum and their families. 1 out of 66 Canadians¬†are diagnosed¬†with autism. Since the new PC government has made drastic changes already, this includes¬†ASD¬†funding in Ontario,¬†which has sparked a large flame in families that feel those that they love are not being treated like humans.¬†As we know by mental health programs, therapy¬†can be¬†quite expensive if it’s not covered by insurance or the government, we¬†should be¬†able to confidently have services as if we are meeting a family physician.

Through this, we were really happy that this event was being able to contribute to help at least a few humans out there that feel they are not being heard.

As a side note, I wanted to give a quick shout-out to Zaina for accommodating and making sure we were comfortable and taken care of while watching the runway as well. Make sure you follow them on social media to keep up with future events that you can attend.

Keep your eyes peeled for in-depth articles with a few of these businesses shown, you have no idea what impactful stories are coming to Rad + Raw very soon.

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