It’s interesting that our world has adapted occupation as fashion.

When I first saw particularly men using military vests as a form of style crossed me in a few directions. I was worried that we were going to end up stepping over the line a complementary (referring to full camo w/ vest) and end up downplaying the extremely honorable role soldiers have in our country even though it’s marked as a utility vest or gilet.

At the same time, I was really fond of how people working the vest as a casual statement piece. It seems to fit perfectly in the generation of designers and brands such as Kanye West and Off-White. The architecturally pleasing look has been on the rise and hasn’t yet dropped like a roller coaster. But even a few years back if you were caught wearing a fishing like coat, you might as well add an anchor with some bait to your inner cheek and call it a day.

Besides the endless amounts of pockets that can hold your cautious stickers, the vest is multifaceted. For most of our capsule, we switched up one or two pieces following the rule of accessible changes with just two vests, if your new aesthetic for an entire week is strictly gilets.


Here’s an example of North Face combining high-end New York street style, with the great outdoors.


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