Ontario Hijab Discrimination / Style Session: Our Favourites For The Summer

There has been no secret surrounding the numerous cases of hijab discrimination unfolding in Ontario.

An article published in The Eye Opener stated how the act of apartment hunting is indeed hard in this generation, but doing it with a hijab is harder. Even though the Ontario Human Rights Code protects individuals against discrimination in cases such as ancestry and religion, it seems landlords or those renting their space will find any excuse to keep women, in this case out of a home. We are just scratching the surface with information and hope to report on this in-depth in the near future.

The Eye Opener also added that in 2017 alone Ontario saw hate crimes against Muslims over by 200%, which is, of course, a huge concern for the quality of life they deserve in the future.

There are, unfortunately, a massive list of types of workplace discrimination experienced by Muslim women wearing a hijab. Just a few include:

  • Given a back room or storeroom position.
  • Told by an employer that she should remove “head cap.”
  • Physical harassment by stomping on prayer mats.
  • Hygiene and health concerns were used against her because of wearing hijab.

As I continued to scroll, I couldn’t help feeling more than just disgusted that this is being experienced in Canada, by wearing a piece (based on reads) viewed to a Muslim woman as empowering. Can you believe that in 2019 Halima Aden became the first model to wear a burkini in Sports Illustrated? Aden told BBC that young girls who wear a hijab should have women they look up to in any and every industry. Which we couldn’t agree more.

Rad + Raw apologizes for the lack of incorporating hijabs when it comes to our style sessions and beyond. We hope other publications, influencers, and blogs will do the same. Rad + Raw encourages the need to hear what women long look for, and actually act on it.

Interested in making a change?

Nisa Homes is a group of transitional homes (long-term shelters) for Immigrant, Refugee and Muslim women who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. They are a safe haven for women experiencing domestic violence, poverty, homelessness or seeking asylum. The home is a center of empowerment where the vulnerable are given hope, the broken are rebuilt and the helpless are given their dignity.

Check them out by visiting: www.nisahomes.com

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