Have you ever had one of those moments where you’re on Google searching for who created groundbreaking history such as what man wore the first dress? Or who daringly put on a skirt to go to a wedding instead of a tux?

See a lot of people believe that in fashion the boundary of breaking masculinity and femininity happened not too far behind us, but in fact, we are so ancient that the ancient times currently seems to be maybe just a small glimpse into the thread future.

The dress wasn’t invented as a singular it may sound. Thomas Handcock is the first noted to have constructed the elastic in 1820, along with with with Walter Hunt in 1849 who developed the safety pin. Though prehistoric cultures in such as Egypt was shown that the “skirt” or “dress” was apart of the standard dress code even for Duke’s and various Royals, even if it didn’t exactly have the same meaning of representation or word for that matter.

One of the reasons why some men stopped wearing the dress or skirt was due to the works of labor such as working with horses, where of course without thinking could cause uncomfortability, this is where trousers became a staple piece.

It seemed it didn’t take men very long to adapt to the new way of fashion. The Great Masculine Renunciation was viewed to be tagged as the tipping point where skirts were viewed as feminine, even though in the 1960s, where it attempted to cut ties between the differences of male and female style. The farthest it reached was men wearing such velvet or floral shirts, which was commonly worn by rockstars.

The difference today is that we have created an overwhelmingly amount of different looks and fits, where it should be viewed as flattering no matter the sex. Nor should one be labeled simply because they are wearing a long piece of material if you think about it. Clearly, it’s not “old school thinking” by history, it’s simply the choice of not wanting to drop judgment.

Tip: If you have broad shoulders, try v-neck dresses with thick shoulder straps or a higher neck option, if you are looking to keep the outfit geometrical and with flow. Also, chunky jewelry would look sooo dapper with all of these pieces!


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*Header Photo Courtesy of Alessandro Trincone. Used to showcase gender-breaking fashion, we do not endorse the product*

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