Crystal Head Vodka’s Bone Bottle is spine-tingling royalty

Deep into the earth’s inner core placed right beside sparking quartz candy is the limited edition Bone Bottle crafted by Crystal Head Vodka. 

The sweet corn taste maker, Dan Aykroyd who is placing his iconic Canadian hat aside and American artist John Alexander are yet again bringing distilled beverage lovers one of the most complex bottles on the market. It has been noted that each artifact is hand inspected and takes up to 16 hours longer to create compared to standard competitors. Crystal Head Vodka also is the product of sui generis from the legend of 13 skulls native tribes in America used to project positive energy and enlightenment. 

To be frank, there is no surprise that the vodka is produced in the great St. John’s Newfoundland, and the high quality candied kernel is exclusively grown in North America. It’s naturally gluten-free, kosher certified, additive free, no citrus oil, no glycerol, and no added sugar. The taste is mature and very smooth from the minute you open the bottle to pour. Consider Crystal Head to be the little black dress of vodka that you need to have on hand at any dinner party.  

When you are finished flirting with the last drip, the bottle is perfect as decor for those like us who are not short of spooky year round or even by our recommendation on your king or queen walking stick.  

How can you purchase Crystal Head Vodka’s Bone Bottle for yourself? Visit LCBO, available now and for the rest of October, while supplies last for $59.95 CAD.

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