What does the future of YouTube look like? | Buffer Festival ’19


Buffer Festival features many faces within the 3-day event. YouTube enthusiasts of all kinds are able to view new content before everyone else, hear the execution process from the creators themselves live, and for the media, answer critical topics directly from the creators for our audiences. 

While there may be over 1,300,000,000 users on YouTube, Buffer provides an experience that cannot be duplicated by showcasing top talent annually. Whether it’s an animation piece from Ginger Pale or Emotional Baggage from EvelynFromTheInternet, continuously learning to be innovative is on most of these creators minds particularly Elle Mills, who has an audience reaching over 1.18 million. “I just think about what I want to make and steer away from content that I have seen before,” Mills stated to Rad + Raw Magazine. “My advice to others would be to make sure you think outside the box.” She also hopes YouTube will get back to its roots at some point and become more purposeful, which helps in the pioneering sector of the platform. “I would like to see it become less drama orientated and faking stuff, because that’s how you get clicks and views,” Mills continued. “Personally I do feel a sense of responsibility. I mean that’s what you sign up for when you gain an audience like this. At the end of the day, I set the best example I can while I am still learning for myself.” 

One individual on the other hand who is considered to be a creative veteran and has learned many valuable lessons along the way is filmmaker Louis Cole, better known as FunForLouis. With over 6 years of travelling and capturing for YouTube, Louis cultivated a practice to encourage others to seek knowledge in topics relating to environmental issues, humanitarianism, and veganism, which he started documenting his transition 8 months ago. Louis explained that this thrill for change over time expanded because of the circle he put himself in. “I found my home away from home in Venice Beach, it’s a very conscious community that’s not the same as the Hollywood community,” Louis continued. “Sometimes the world can be tough sometimes to progress in your dreams but the determination to buckle down is character building, whether there are obstacles such as no funding. However, this opportunity to grow can lead you to other people in the same space.” 

While taking a quick glimpse into the future, Louis Cole looks forward to expanding his public-spirited work in fields such as mental health with other creators with his upcoming project The Social Good Club, which uses conversation and collaboration as the driving force for positive global impact.

Beyond Buffer Festival, these creators have become a piece in the new media, and to hear they are ready to prepare for a new chapter to amplify voices through their own personal experiences or others, sounds like a horizon we wish would be painted on our screens.

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Julie Nolke
Ginger Pale



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