2020: What Does The Universe Have In Store For You?

Is it just me or did it feel like mercury was in retrograde about a thousand times this year? 

Astrology can be a huge part of one’s life by assisting to make decisions, advice and even provide comfort when you need it the most, that’s if you are a believer of course. 

The earliest evidence of this practice was over 25,000 years ago (I know crazy right!.) These lunar cycle markings appeared on bones and cave walls as notes of the first steps in recording the moon’s influence. Babylonian astrology has been said to be the initial organized chart strictly used at the time for prediction in the weather and political matters, not if the boy or girl working at your local coffee shop is madly in love with you. Over time, different cultures started to create their own interpretation, which is still familiar to us today such as Chinese and Hindu astrology. Some people confuse astrology and astronomy together and even though it’s considered a foolish remark, it was only until the Age of Reason where they were both separated. However, practices such as Chinese astrology still use astronomy as a foundation. The biggest argument is that one lacks scientific proof over the other, so maybe astrology that features the use of astronomy is the closest to accuracy we will get. 

There is also a substantial difference between psychics and astrologers, so do not judge a birth chart by its cover just yet. Astrologers use the location of the sun, moon, and planets based on the exact time, date, and location of the clients birth while Psychics use many forms of relaxation techniques to quiet their mind to listen to guidance from the universe or another higher power. 

I can honestly say from experience both readings possessed shockingly accurate details whether it’s through my own time or with someone face to face. It’s sometimes nice to have something to look forward to or the ability of a horoscope to cultivate new ideas and encouragement. If you are in that position hoping 2020 will be brighter, we hope our script of scopes provide relief. 

How to prepare for a reading

  1. Be in your utmost relaxed setting to calm your mind so you can manifest a vulnerable state to receive guidance that is most needed for you. Comfy clothes or brewed herbal tea help.
  2. Ask yourself what you are looking to achieve from this session. Write down questions you would like to have answered. 
  3. Do not carry pressuring energy or focus on one topic alone. Embrace what comes to you.
  4. Your intuition and energy is your friend! If you are drawn or keep going back to a specific card, don’t ignore it. 
  5. Keep notes of each reading so you can take a look at another time if needed. 

Know The Zodiac 

I have been a massive fan of Dossé-Via and Scorpio Mystique for so long and was so excited to find out that she has a variety of forecasts for every sign. Know The Zodiac also features SexZodiac where you can explore your compatibility, general sexscopes, and more. Dossé-Via’s outlets have been my go-to and I have yet to find anyone as constantly accurate and professional.  

Cafe Astrology

Cafe Astrology was one of the first horoscopes I ever used on the daily. The site foams with loads of unique complimentary content such as 2020 Yearly Love, Birthday Forecasts, and their Love Dice Oracle. To be honest, you can spend quite a lot of time on Cafe Astrology and easily be persuaded to possibly never leaving. 

The Astro Twins (AstroStyle)

I remember one time The Astro Twins daily horoscope stated a little spooky warning for a particular individual in my life. The situation turned out just as how it was written. AstroStyle is the cutest most quirkiest nook you will find on the internet for astrology and great reads with your morning coffee.


Sometimes you might want more than just a horoscope such as lucky numbers, mood, and daily compatibility which makes Astrolis perfect for an individual a little more invested in astrology. They also dabble in Chinese Zodiacs as well and have free live readings with psychics through Oranum if you’re interested in checking out new fields. 


This is as literal as it will come. The really cool part about Tarot is that you can type in your question before picking out your 3 card spread and you can choose a deck that you feel most comfortable using. 


  • The DailyOM
  • The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need
  • Biddy Tarot ( + Complementary Resources)
  • The Dark Pixie Astrology: How To Start an Online Astrology Business
  • Further Practices: Crystals: A Guide to Using the Crystal Compass for Energy, Healing, and Reclaiming Your Power 

If you’re becoming invested in the art, Astrology University has online certification at an economical cost. 


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