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True Authenticity. Two words that would perfectly sit above Myer Clarity’s name if there was a social media platform that can only show a person for who they really are.

We can consider grade 7 to be the starting point for Myer’s road to success, when a late friend introduced Myer to Eminem’s music. Clarity connected with how angry and passionate the rap god’s tone of voice was towards airing personal experiences out. This art was new grounds for Myer and he never knew one could project what you wanted to say in such heart clenching matter. All he did know was that he had a lot to say and this format was a way of translating it.

Early on, Myer installed a sense of strong work ethic that can have its positives and negatives in terms of developing a craving for career success at a young age. On the other hand, Clarity was able to hop on the imaginary musical bike and use his training wheels such as sequeling drums with Reason before most would.

I mean, there is no secret that the industry is on the search for talent that can feel like its pool is becoming younger and younger by the minute. However, not every artist has the same picture perfect story. For individuals like Myer, it can be a Catch 22 when adversity sells, but also posting about what you are going through is looked to be bad on social media. This is where you develop the third eye of trust.

In December 2019, Myer released a track called Love Me When I’m High, followed by visuals. Clarity takes you on a journey through his road to recovery from a decade of substance abuse. He has been very vocal about how there was not really any record for him out there that could create a space for sobriety and introversion while being mysterious and appealing.

Before this, Myer in his own words was producing music that was  being approached as generic. Since drinking is a form of escape and you’re not fully aware who you are as a person, it can bleed into the music you produce. What Myer hoped to be stitched up by forms of successactually needed to be healed on his own.

Myer credits therapy as apart of his recovery, as he believes it’s like paying rent for your head. Instead of punishing yourself for what happened, this couldn’t be more of a perfect time to find a friend in your own self. “It’s a cold world out there,” Clarity continued. “Everyone is out to get you, so you shouldn’t be out to get yourself.”

Myer Clarity’s next single One Day I Will Get My Shit Together drops February 28th and for our European readers, Myer will perform at New Skool Rules Festival in Amsterdam this May.

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