As if you didn’t already know that iridescent or ‘holographic’ is the coolest form of coloration. It’s like a force of nature that happens and forms all around us, through bubbles, minerals and of course fashion! It brings the power of the universe ( space) and earth all together which creates threads that are unstoppable. There are a few staple pieces you can consider swiping for to keep your glitter sanctuary at bay. The main point is to allow your iridescent pieces as accessories, besides the occasional jacket or two. Let’s break down the outfits:

I really wanted to emphasize the space/unicorn vibe by keeping purposely the iridescent as an accent piece. Sometimes you don’t need it to be right in your face in order for you to create that sleek 90’s theme. I went for the time traveler overalls and left the turtleneck neutral. To really enhance the outfit I wanted to find rad goggles to make the shoes super milky way. Lollipops are always fun to play with especially for photos or event accessories. I love how it creates the vision of kid in a candy store. The hair color is optional but if you’re going through a new aesthetic life scheme, it would be a great place to start.

The bag and the bucket hat together is such an iconic duo. I can’t explain how I find it so pleasing to look at but I guess because both don’t have competitive tendencies to out due each other it pulls the noir outfit together so effortlessly. I wouldn’t really bother with this outfit if you don’t want to test out a statement shoe. Platformed is so in right now and we must take advantage of it. This would be the only time to take mega risks think….futuristic!

This fit is a totally different take and I wanted to throw in this vest as a twist. Most of the time when you hear holographic you automatically think white, pink, orange and green tones in the mix but the play on a modern Egyptian gent ready to find his Cleopatra is so gold and tasteful. When you put together a fit you must think of the feeling and almost taste. Clothing should be viewed as edible food. You must feed what you want to drip in. If the angel gates don’t come finding you for this one, you must go to it.

If this isn’t a collaboration on an art enthusiast x I am the art, I don’t know what is. I am slowly coming around to loving small glasses and I feel any other shade wouldn’t do this fit justice. You could take the jogger day to night. I could picture this in any setting since we are all #extra. The detailing of the word temperature and the mix of tones in the pants gives the feel of super frosty. No need to have the 90’s Timberlake blonde tips but you get the point.

The best part about collecting neutral clothing here and there is that you can reuse them for your statement pieces and no one would ever know it’s old or has been worn. If I could be a piece of clothing it would be this jacket. From the belt to the trench coat, I would consider wearing it 365 days a year. It screams personality and in this generation of only speaking via text or DM, let your fits do the talking.


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