I am one of the first people to understand the stress of not only picking out gifts for those I haven’t known forever but staying on budget and not going overboard, which I also have a habit of doing. As humans when we are in a hectic shopping center, our first motive is to get in and out. Which is why it’s important to know exactly what you are getting and a few back up plans if the first one doesn’t out to your liking. You can get a lot for under $100 that both look well thought out and still luxurious. Get your old school notepad out and a fluffy ass pen, because I know you’re going to like a few of these:

Microphone for iPhone

Who doesn’t love handy gadgets? This tool can be really versatile in many different hobbies and occupations. The microphone can be used for a musician on the go, needing to mix a piece quick or a writer that got a late call to do a quick interview on the spot. Not to mention very compact so your gift receiver can always keep it in his bag.

Music Studio Gift Card

I mean if this isn’t what you call useful I don’t know what is. This gift may go hand and hand with the microphone but who doesn’t like getting into a professional studio to record a few hits. Since major cities like Toronto are home to the music of all genres, you can find some pretty economical deals for certificates. Oak Recording Studio is $50 over the $100 mark if you would like to give a few extra offers but Ontario is your oyster, there are tons of studios that have incredible deals.

Bundle of Hair Dye

Why not give the gift of switching up his hair identity? You already know we are obsessed with Arctic Fox, and their colors are beautifully pigmented and not to mention vegan/ cruelty-free. They also have some great apparel if you want to throw in a few extra goods.

The Black Market – Toronto

So this might not be ideal for international viewers but I’m sure in each city there is something quite similar to The Black Market. Everything in the store is vintage and $10. Accessories and other fun bags I have found in the back are even sometimes lower which is great for plentiful of stocking stuffers. I shop here quite frequently and is one of my hot spots for vintage jackets both for casual and event attire. For $100 you can get sooo much stuff and even have a few bucks extra to treat yourself to an iced tea after searching racks on racks for the best finds.

Samsung Tablet – $89.99

It seems like Christmas is the major holiday where everyone purchases electronics for each other and the receipt total is horrifying. I found this tablet for just scratching the surface of $100 but it’s great to give to starting graphic designers looking to just roughly sketch on an app/show portfolio or for a social media manager needing an extra hand at organizing in a convenient matter. Whoever it may be, who doesn’t love an extra gadget to toy around with.

Whiskey Brewing Set – $40-60

If he won’t use this around the holidays he defiantly will when the new year of stress rolls around. Yeah, you can buy a nice bottle of fine whiskey for your favorite lad but it can be quite fun making your own concoction. Alcohol is always a saver especially in a business setting and what better way to break the….ice

University Hockey/Sports Tickets

Sometimes pro tickets can be a little expensive and I can’t blame you. The best part about going to a university sports game is that you are supporting upcoming athletes. Not to mention they are very and I mean very affordable, so if you want to do a secret Santa or bring your whole family – it will make for a great outing.


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