When “mother nature” hits, she hits hard. I mean she’s the epitome of the love, hate relationship every woman has and I think it’s time for you to become the alpha and take control…well kinda. Since I transitioned from being a vegetarian to vegan, it opened a whole new world holistically for me and I noticed I took more time researching and being listening to what my body was telling me around my cycle. I knew sitting and eating my non-nacho but nacho chips in bed watching episodes of The Bachelor wasn’t the healthy choice when this is one of the biggest times to fuel your body and get rejuvenated. I am ready to release my secrets to our new sisterhood.

Raspberry Tea

Oh, girl, I can’t even explain to you how much this has helped me cure insane nausea or the feeling of vomiting closer to my cycle. I start drinking this daily 1 week or so prior to my predicted time frame. Since studies show that there are no side effects, this natural remedy can help regulate your period and help with hormones without going through suffering all over again. If you are looking to conceive as well, Raspberry tea can help boost fertility.


Period Tracker

Speaking of predicted time frames, if you don’t have a tracker already, you defiantly need one. I can’t tell you how disappointing it is to ruin some of your cutest underwear when you lose track of time. I would give it about 2-3 months for it to really start the accuracy. If you are on birth control too, these both work incredible together.


Castor Oil

 When I ended up going to the hospital for a few uterine issues, I wanted to seek out all of my options before taking a look at medication. At the same time, one thing I did notice with Castor Oil was how comforting it has been with my cycle. Of course, not all fun DIY’s and treatments can help relieve cramps completely but with a hot water bottle on top of flannel and a thick layer on your skin where the cramping is taking place, I can honestly say it’s one of the most soothing tricks I have had in a while. Especially when you want a good night sleep and “she” is keeping you up all night…what child!


Eucalyptus Oil

 This is like my headache saver if we are getting a little too Motrin crazy. I typically apply this to the back of my neck, just a little below my ears and around my temples. When I feel super sick and I need extra beauty sleep, I add a few drops to my pillow and I crash like I never have before. Since Eucalyptus is known for being the queen of anti-inflammatory, add this to your Castor oil package, and you will be good to go.



 Not only has this become a major part in up keeping my health, but it also takes about an hour or more out of one’s day where you’re not on the phone and just relaxing. Since I got super lucky, I typically get a few things done while I am there including cupping for back pain, which is one of the main discomforts with PMS. This not only helps with keeping me out and active as I know how hard it is to leave bed sometimes, I always feel good leaving my appointment. Also, make sure to discuss Chinese herb formulas with your acupuncturist, it might not taste great *** from experience** but it can do a world of a difference when you find what is best for you.



 A lot of these tips help manage hormonal breakouts during, before and after your cycle. When I was younger I had probably the oiliest skin on this planet and now that I have become an adult, it’s now the issue of breaking out and dry skin. I replaced my moisturizer with Derma-E Rosehip and Cranberry ( Pumpkin Seed) face oil and I can honestly say it brings the glow back when I need it the most. Since I do have a pretty intense routine to upkeep, sometimes it has helped with bringing it all together and make me look like a walking Insta filter, hello! Plus it’s vegan, cruelty-free and more!


But don’t also forget to treat yourself as well and listen to your cravings every once in a while. I have been loving this cauliflower, hemp pizza I often snag at the grocery store. If you find vegan caesar dressing to dip or you can make a homemade batch, I highly recommend it, as makes me feel light, not bloated and of course not greasy. There are so many options to fight back but even a little walk around the block to grab a tea at your local coffee shop is sometimes all you need. 

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