Can we make 2019 the year of men testing out makeup? Because simply swiping through editorial is already making us drool. The best part about making the change is to drop how feminine it appears. Of course, you can doll up with SJP glam but you can also use it to your advantage to play up a retro space look. Europe is leading when it comes to makeup on men both streetwear and runway and my press on nails fly to the gods when I see such confidence strut down any venture the lad may take.

All of these mini makeup bags we put together don’t also require any foundation, which is why we left it out. You can find a dewy moisturizer or tinted cream that would go beautifully with each look, from blending it out to keeping it a little dark. But one need we would highly recommend keeping in your dude-bag is highlighter! On days where you don’t even want to be bothered with any eye or lip, you can swipe this on top of your fresh face and it will add an extra glow to your natural complexion. Also try or pin a few eyebrow shapes you have been loving, though the bushy-model brow is totally still in if you would like to do a little maintenance and clean up with a pencil to make it a little bolder.

The beauty of makeup is that is for EVERYONE and what a better time to pick up something new in a change of season.

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