A sound like Andrea Ricci comes by very few and far between. The last time I could imagine driving in a beat up Chevy with the windows down listening to a tune like that would be Amy Winehouse. With “Storm” on the rise, the newly 21-year-old is heading for the clouds.

Coming from a family of musicians, Andrea started writing at the age of 13. She had a super secret notebook that entailed all things she found catchy.  This all didn’t ripen till the age of 18, where Andrea started to sing in front of people, which is considered very recent.  “I just wanted to wait for the right time. Especially as a teenager, you don’t really know if you are good enough to figure it out.  You really have to know yourself to be in the music industry.  As a girl, it’s very difficult to know what you want to do right away because you are always insecure about stuff’.

Storm was one of those songs that took Andrea 20 minutes to write.  Which we consider a “home-like feeling release” which she promptly agreed. “Usually the songs that take the least amount of time are the best ones in my opinion. It was the type of song that I sang and it was stuck in my head. When I showed it, someone, they felt some sort of attachment right away. I didn’t want to debut as a rock and roll artist, so Storm is a very good mix of what I can do, indie, alternative and pop which is a blend of everything”. stated Andrea.

Of course, just like us, comparisons can set in the minute a beat kicks in. Sometimes even the slightest amount of room to let mother nature produce can simply be the icing on the cake in terms of making your sound unique compared to others. “For me, I really focus on using real instruments. In my first record, I don’t use a faux guitar or drums. I feel right now on the radio everything is synthetic based on electronic or trap music. I wanted to have something vintage. Everything was created by a human being. You can hear it in the song, that is what is different in a time like right now.” A passionately spoken Andrea.

Right now on the rise, there isn’t anything Andrea has come up against that would appear to be negative at the moment but it does very much start with those you surround yourself with. “ My managers are very accommodating and it’s really what I want to do. Honestly, I would never allow someone to tell me to do something a certain way because there isn’t any point of doing it at all. Once you do something honest, you will succeed in any industry”.

If you haven’t taken a look at Andrea’s Instagram, not only is she a fantastic musician of course but a very fashion forward individual. A coat or piece of jewelry is to be said how it can change a woman. This same scenario can apply when envisioning where the outfit can take you especially throughout the voice of a song. “For sure, if I have the most amazing outfit I will write something so much more powerful. When I am in my pajamas I might write something more vulnerable. No matter what I am wearing it influences the way I write”.

A valid point you can learn from Andrea is always keeping what makes you happy so close to your heart and just like any life necessity hold on to it and allow it to beat loud and colorful. You can stream, purchase and watch her music video all right HERE  and of course, show her loads of love on her Instagram!

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