Cross your heart and promise me you will wear at least just one choker and never look back?

There are days where I can barely leave the house without completing my outfit. From a woman’s point of view, it’s like the new cologne for men. The minute I see a man wearing a choker, I instantly think confidence, mega attractive and knows how to get his shit together. Though, bird feather like jacket would be oh so fantastic with any you try on, a simple t-shirt, ripped jeans and a gadget or two and you’re ready to go. Sometimes I look at someone and think wow they look more vibrant or their fit just like the perfect swirl of ice cream, I must figure out what it is. Lone and behold, I should have spotted the magical accessory.

Now, that I dramatized the shit out of it, it’s now time to do a little shopping and thread hopping. Most pieces you might have already in your closet and just a friendly reminder that we do recycle clothing throughout our articles meaning, one pair of jeans might appear again in another article. We like it this way as if you do like what you see, it will be easier to scrap it off your list and making it more affordable.

We will allow you to now master the perfect knot.

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