There is nothing quiet daring than a woman in a bold suit and what could be a more perfect time to so effortlessly throw it on. I am not saying I was incredibly inspired by Blake Lively in Simple Favor walking up to the school as if she was about to enter a kingdom of jewels and spinning wine glasses. Is my imagination going a little too far? I mean have you watched the film?

As young girls, we are shown beautiful crisp white Vera Wang dresses that flows like the river on your figure and I am not saying there is anything wrong with that, but chic comes in all types of threads. A major bonus about suits is that you can really be-dazzle the sh*t out of them compared accessorizing a wedding dress where it may look a little too much. When I saw Cara Delevingne photographed in a black top hat, it stopped me in my tracks thinking, “hey! this could go down the aisle and it doesn’t have to just be the groom either”.

Each suit I was styling became more creative by nature due to taking a plain colored suit and spinning it into eye sparkling wear. Also, people really downplay suits being oh so sexy and the way it can make a woman feel. I love how you can pair a diamond bra with a black dress pant, jacket, heels and make it show-stopping especially when the cut is down the middle how a dress would appear. If you have been searching the web endlessly for wedding dress inspiration, we may be turning you away from the gowns and straight into the altar with BOSS written all over you.

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