10 Ethical / Minimal Spring Jackets For Your Wardrobe

Oh how the sun on your face feels like fresh orange juice after clay clouds hovering over you (as I write this from bed looking outside to finding a snowstorm.)

When I am on the hunt for new coats, I, of course, like to find unique pieces that almost feels like no one else in the world has. But on the other side, I am a bohemian, farm dress connoisseur who knows that most patterns will not fit an over the top jacket. Sometimes, it feels like I am extra picky when it comes to finding the basics as I consider them to be long-lasting pieces that I will frequently get more wear out of.

Since ethical pieces are made with beautiful material, the structure of the threads will have a unique lining, which is one I look out for. Details make a massive part when it comes to creating the perfect outfit.

Our color forecast for spring outwear: burnt orange, musty yellow and earthy green.

If you have any favorite ethical brands that you would like to share with the rad community, leave them down below in the comment section. We would love to hear them!

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