Get The Look: Men’s Nail Polish

There are so many men in the fashion industry and beyond breaking the boundaries of masculinity day by day. One that has snapped is men wearing nail polish in editorials and everyday life.

I know personally, I can’t leave the house without my nails cared for with at least a clear top coat for a nice finish. I am also an individual who loves taking risks with faux long nails and pop art colors. Nail polish adds personality and can flip your mood. I would say it is a necessity for a self-care day or regiment.

There shouldn’t even be a conversation that holds water such as “Can men wear nail polish?” or “Is it too rebellious?” To that, I say Never! The beauty and fashion industry is an open book and as always should be gender neutral.

All of the nail polishes listed below are ethical and brands such as Butter prove to have clean ingredients. Which is a major plus to those that may have allergies. No human should be left behind swiping that brush across your finger bed.

Or you can swipe on a top coat for a day to night sheer coverage: 

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