The Man Plant: Having your own emporium

Plants have become the brand ambassador to social media. I would say whatever page you turn, but in this case, every swipe you make a green infused snap, seems to make the shot.

Though most of it is contradicting. You are creating an environment to produce more oxygen for this planet yet you are still using harmful wastes. Do you see where I am getting at?

Certain plants can make great gifts, depending on the occasion, and season. The first things we think of for get-well-soon gifts are certain medicines, cards, and homemade goods. Since plants provide healing methods, why not use what mother nature provides?

It’s said that plants can improve your mood, but there can be a more in-depth guide to choosing what suits your health and lifestyle.


Is a deadline creeping up on you? A certain test you can’t seem to remember the answers too? Rosemary is said to improve memory function. Researchers say that even a light inhales of essential oil as an on the go method reminds humans to do certain things. Imagine having a pot of rosemary on your desk while working? That’s if you remember to do this of course.

Ginger Plant

This is no surprise as it is one of the common go-to’s for nausea and upset stomach, but It can be grown fresh for pain relief or chronic pain such as arthritis. I can see you now in the kitchen with ginger on a wooden ledge with the fumes running through the air. I may or may not have done that to stimulate you to become just as thrilled about aromatherapy as I am.

Peace Lily

After a spring cleaning, sometimes it feels as if there is something missing, literally. Peace lilies are known as air cleaners, provided as a resource from NASA ( and who doesn’t love NASA.) They also produce natural humidity, which can increase up to 5%. If you are having trouble breathing or a stuffy chest, this would defiantly be the plant to pick up.


 Just like bamboo, Basil is one uncommon resource for a little spell on love. It’s known to attract luck, purification and sooth tempers. As a little fun fact provided by Witchipedia, they say that if a gift of basil is given to a member of the opposite sex ( in which we say you can give it to anyone you choose to be with) they will fall deeply in love with the giver and be forever faithful. If that isn’t spooky I don’t know what is, but hey if anyone gives it a try, let us know your results!


 Overall, sometimes you simply need extra positive energy whether it be in a rough patch in life or the need to attract quality. Jasmine has a beautiful smell that is multifaceted when it comes to stress and nourishing your environment. If you are moving to a new place, or know someone that needs a little boost in their step, Jasmine would be the perfect place to start.

 Bath Therapy

Not only are plants beneficial to roaming in your humble abode, but it can also be your sidekick for bath therapy. Choosing carefully a variety of herbs can make your relaxing experience just a bit more beneficial. Here is one recipe we love from Traditional Medicines:

Spring Tea Bath

( Benefits: Support lymphatic system and nourish skin)


·  Five 5” x 7” sized muslin bags or cheesecloth

·  Big mixing bowl

·  Spoon for mixing

·  Cooking twine or cotton string (if using cheesecloth)


Pour flowers into a mixing bowl and blend them together.

Fill each muslin bag with the flower mixture or use cheese cloth and twine to create a small pouch.

Tie shut and use one bag per bath. The bag can be tied to the water spout for the hot water to run through, or simply placed in the tub to float like a tea bag in an infusion


·       1 cup dried lavender flowers

·       1 cup dried rose petals

·       1 cup dried chamomile flowers

·       1 cup dried calendula petals

·       1 cup dried red clover blossoms

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