A Sustainable Spring: Transitional Jackets to Sun Approved

It’s easy to get caught up in spring fashion shopping with loads of choices, not in the environment’s favor.

Typically our first choice is always hit thrift stores such as Value Village who now use paper bags as takeout if you didn’t bring a cloth or reusable sack. Plastic seems as it haunts us everywhere we look, from ordering goods online with loads of packaging to simply shopping in a mall with millions of uncontrollable wrapping. Even if you are not a shopping center kind of guy, it can still be quite irritating when seeing others consume so much, intentionally or not.

Just a few days ago, I re-watched “Plastic Ocean” as I forgot most of the scenes and quality information I would like to store. Though it makes my heart shatter to see our marine life struggle and even go through painful deaths because we are not careful and mindful of our choices, it reminds us all ethical or not of those beyond we have to take care of. 10 times to 1 most ethical stores either ship with less packaging or in person use eco-friendly bags. Since jackets are one of the bigger bought items in the fashion food chain, this would be a major time to step back and refocus what you could be purchasing for less or the same price as something that is only benefiting you and not another living thing.

To live in a city, most think – how does plastic from thousands of miles away end up in the ocean? For more information on this, you can read Green Peace’s brief write up HERE to understand the entry level base of how our own blue can become a mouth full of pollution.

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