About Last Night: INTRO / Fashion Design + Communication Students Exhibit & Runway

Can we first talk about how extremely proud we are of this generation of students taking mega risks in their fashion sense? I can surely say I have never seen such fashionable youth under one roof.

The event was hosted at Mindset Brain Gym, which you would think would be an odd venue for an artistic evening but much to my surprise, with all the haute couture decor set in place – it couldn’t have been more fitting. Since it was a calming area to enter, I didn’t feel compelled or rushed especially for events 99% of the time being hectic. I love functions that feel so personable and as if you are entering an apartment visiting a group of like-minded people. Not to mention I had a permanent smile on my face seeing the turnout to which I say GO DESIGNERS!

One thing we always look out for when giving a massive 5 stars is the clothes that are showcased. Not one looked the same, and each piece was rememberable on its own. For these being first to third-year students who may some have not entered the fashion world of internships and positions, it was remarkable since it can take designers a long period of time to find their voice and vision. With a breath of fresh air going into the weekend, we can’t wait to see what comes out of Ryerson in the future.

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