(Gender Friendly) 10 Reusable Bags/Produce Helpers For Your Next Grocery Visit

If only tote bags grew on trees.

Growing up with a mother like mine, who is a nerd for eco-friendly products, you end up gaining a weird excitement to super dope tote bags. It’s like you can’t wait to go grocery shopping to show off your new found-goods and layer them up with fresh produce and…very tasty snacks. While I am in line, I admire those with the same values of having yoga dogs galore printed on each carrier I unfold. Have I got too poetic? Yeah, slightly. But come on why add to the pile of plastic when there are such great brands doing brilliant things for the planet and ever so peaceful designs?

I am not saying you have to purchase all of our favorites but, we are not saying you can’t either.





AYAnyjpon Etsy


Produce Helpers

Chico Bag
Manatee Bags
Outerlayer Food Wrap

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